We miss you! We want to see you! In Lisbon!!!!!

Therefore, the EIP Board decided to organize the EIP Open Scientific Symposium again face-to-face in Lisbon 25th – 27th April 2022.

We are committed to take all necessary COVID-19 measures to assure the safety of all participants. For those of you who might not be able to join in person we are planning to broadcast the afternoon sessions of the main conference to allow interested colleagues to stay connected to EIP and our annual open scientific symposium. To get the full experience including training day, morning sessions and social event, we would encourage you to join us in Lisbon.

Looking forward to welcoming you all in Lisbon!

Daniel Kramer (EIP Chairman) on behalf of the EIP Board


The European Immunogenicity Platform acts as a central meeting place for European biopharmaceutical companies and scientific experts active in the area of immunogenicity.

Its mission is to build know-how and expertise in the field of immunogenicity, driven by a close interaction between industry and scientific advisors.

The European Immunogenicity Platform represents companies, institutes and professionals involved in research, development, testing, validation, application, production or marketing of immunogenicity assessment tools, as well as those servicing the biotechnology community.